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September 23, 2022

Why We Love Fall Camping Season

Did somebody say Road Trip?

Buckle Up. Those who know, know. Fall is the best time to hit the road.

On September 22 at 9:03pm, summer will officially be over and the Autumnal Equinox begins. We should acknowledge that for many of us, the Fall season actually began unofficially with back-to-school season. But today, as we mark Fall’s official first day, we know October is around the corner and Fall camping searches are on their way up!And for good reason.

While the summer may be the peak camping season for RVers and campers, those who know, know that camping in the Fall might actually be the best time to park your RV or pitch a tent. In addition to the incredible benefits of being in nature during the most stunning season of the year, the cooling temperatures make for a waaaay more comfortable experience. We’re definitely over sweaty weather and ready to move on to sweater weather (or a light jacket depending on where you are).

So why do we love the Fall camping season so much?

Reason #1: The off season perks add up.

Those who embrace Fall camping benefit from the season’s off-peak advantages including cooler weather, less crowds and lower prices. The cooling temperatures mean you’ll be much more comfortable. This is the time of the year when sweater weather and appreciating cozy fall vibes are at its maximum. 

Fewer crowds makes for a more relaxing, quieter and more private experience. It also means you’re likely to acknowledge a knowing “isn’t fall camping the best” understanding with those you meet the road. These are all good vibes and with lower prices typically associated with the off season period, it’s a really good time for Fall adventures.

Reason #2: Fall is nature's most beautiful season.

Perhaps the best part of the Fall camping experience is the spectacular way nature shows up every year. There’s an extra enticing Fall vibe you can’t help but feel when nature is at its extra special, magical self. The days are shorter but resplendent in all their vibrant autumnal colors. Waterfalls and mountains seem more majestic and the nights are divine under the open air sky. With the air turning a little cooler, deep breaths seem to feel even better, perhaps even more rejuvenating.

As nature’s most beautiful season, Fall’s invitation to embrace the outdoors is enticing. A walk in the woods, an invigorating hike, spending time by a campfire, sleeping under a star-filled night time sky, are all extra special fall camping experiences those who know, do often. It is well documented that being in nature has a significant impact on our health and well-being and the Fall camping season seems to be able to deliver that with intensity.

Reason #3: October is the best time to see nature's beauty.

Timing is everything and for those who love Fall camping, October camping is definitely on the calendar. October is a really great month to experience some of the best fall camping. According to a national survey, October also happens to also be the most favorite month of the year. Most consider the first two weeks of October as the best time to witness all of nature’s Fall beauty at its very best. Experience is always going to be the best teacher and Fall campers will happily discuss the tremendous benefits of October camping.

As if to prove the point, check out this amazing post of Fall by @2benedicts.


States whose residents say the Fall is their favorite season.

If you’re planning on hitting the road this Fall, check out this handy summary of favorite seasons by state based on a survey of 77,000 Americans. There’s no better advice about the favorite times of the year than from the residents of the state themselves. The states whose residents clearly have a preference for Fall include Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Tennessee. But really, you can go pretty much anywhere to enjoy the benefits of Fall camping. 

Our love for Fall camping runs deep.

Fall is a gorgeous  and enriching season for adventuring. And if you haven't already, you'll be falling in love with Fall camping. Especially when being in nature at this of the year helps you feel the maximum benefits of being outdoors. It really makes Fall camping so worthwhile. Just ask all the Fall campers who love it too.

xo Enjoy!


Check out this list of top ten states based on camping reservations. You’ll also find the list of fastest growing states for camping reservations. (Research is so much fun!)

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