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September 23, 2022

Top Ten States For Camping

The following is a compilation of some interesting data points that might assist you in your planning process for your next series of adventures. There's a lot of great research available online and we hope this quick summary will be helpful. It was interesting to us to see where the states rank and there were a few surprises. It was also great to confirm how popular all forms of camping have become. We'll keep updating with more useful data in the future! 

Top Ten States For Camping Reservations 

Based on an analysis of camping reservations on public land by the team at, the following are the Top 10 states for camping reservations as of 2020. In addition, to the rankings, the data table shows their 5 year growth* (2015 - 2020) and the most popular destination by state.

Source: Reservations.Gov Recreation Information Database; Analysis by

Top Ten Fastest Growing States For Camping Reservations 

So if the Top 10 wasn't enough, here is the Top 10 FASTEST growing states by camping reservations. This list excludes Colorado, Utah, Oregon and Washington who are in this group of fastest growing states AND also in the top 10 overall. We thought we should make room for more, so they are respectfully excluded from this list. 

RankStateGrowth*Favorite Desintation
1Indiana481.3%Indiana Dunes National Park
2Nevada366.3%Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest
3South Dakota291.7%Black Hills National Forest
4Michigan229.1%Hiawatha National Forest
5Wyoming147.4%Bighorn National Forest
6Montana101.8%Custer Gallatin National Forest
7Vermont98.5%Ball Mountain Lake
8Minnesota97.2%Superior National Forest
9North Carolina95.9%National Forests in North Carolina
95.7%Caribou-Targhee National Forest

Source: Reservations.Gov Recreation Information Database; Analysis by

Incidence Of Camping By Region

In the recently published KOA Campground Report for 2022, the incidence of camping across all regions continued to increase with the NorthEast showing the highest increase. This means no matter where you go, camping is popular. All regions are prospering in the benefits attributed to the outdoor lifestyle boom. Camping is also a wonderful way to support small and local businesses. (PS. Incidence is a fancy research term for number of/how many.)


Source: KOA Report 2002 



Noun:   the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

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