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LIGHTBOX | Sleepover Bundle

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LED Light Color:
Ecokin Mini Plush Toy:

A very special bundle for the very special little shining light in your life! Inspired by a grandparent's first sleepover with their grandcuties, the Sleepover LightBox bundles joy and love sure to delight BOTH child and parent. Thoughtfully priced at a special savings of 20% off regular MSRP! 

Lightbox includes: The adorable Genesis Mini Solar Lantern every child will love as a night light. They can also easily carry with them everywhere. A selection of delightful Mini Ecokins to choose from. These plush companions are made from 7 water bottles! And from Amicus Publishing, a choice of two outstanding children's books with fun stories that teach and entertain: The Great Cookie Kerfuffle and One Blue Gnu. We couldn't wait to read these ourselves!  Recommended for children 4 - 8 years old. 

Genesis Mini Solar Lantern

  • 45 Lumens on High Setting; 25 Lumens on Low
  • Up to 6 hours of continuous light on High
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous light on Low
  • Charge Time: 8 hours in full sun
  • 4 Light Settings: High, Low, Red, Red Blinking (SOS)
  • Power Off: Hold button 3 secs
  • Made from recyclable PET. PVC Free
  • Material finish: sleek grid pattern
  • Waterproof: IP67

Amicus Publishing

The Great Cookie Kerfuffle by Jessica Shaw. Ilustrations by Pauline Gregory.

A friendly little farm breaks into chaos as increasing numbers of farm animals fight over a dropped cookie, until there’s trouble overhead! United against a common enemy, the animals learn that friendship and taking care of each other is more important than winning a fight.

One Blue Gnu by Danna Smith.

When a box of cell phones is accidentally delivered to the zoo, one blue gnu quickly calls two white sheep, who plan a party – beep beep beep! News of the party spreads to three orange apes, four red pandas and five green ducks… up until ten purple birds learn it’s party time! But oh no – who invited tiger, and who will he call on his new phone? 


Both titles are recommended for children 4 - 8 years old.

Ecokins Mini Plush Toy by Wild Republic

Made from 100% recycled materials, the Ecokins brand, by Wild Republic, has created stuffed animals that spark curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of nature. All while reducing their impact on the environment and reducing the amount of waste plastics affecting the planet. Each mini Ecokin is made with 7 plastic bottles! Choose from our assortment of popular animals: the polar bear, panda bear, turtle and racoon!

A special bundle of love and light for your very special little one.

Thoughtful, well-made and adorably fun. Keep scrolling to learn why we choose these delightful items for our LightBox Bundle geared to all the little ones that bring the sunshine wherever they are.

Genesis Mini Solar Lanterns

These portable solar lights have always been a favorite among kids. Easy to carry around, there's a playful nature to our lights. These little cubes also provide an easy intro to the world of solar and the power of the sun. Imagine little ones carrying the sun in their little hands! The mini cube is a perfect night light or ambient light for every child's room.

Ecokins Mini Stuffed Animals

Super cute critters every child loves, these 8" mini Ecokins are also so easy to carry around and take with you. Beyond the cuteness, you'll feel great about the eco-friendly details including each toy being made with 7 plastic bottles. There are 4 popular animals to choose from.

Amicus Publishing

First and foremost, Amicus Publishing just publishes amazing children's books. Positive and colourfully illustrated, our featured books, The Great Cookie Kerfuffle and One Blue Gnu, are fun, vividly told adventures kids (and you) will enjoy. Just thinking about these books makes us smile!

The Solar Light Project

We're on a journey to inspire the everyday use of solar light. With a good dose of positive energy, we focus on accessible lifestyle ideas that incorporate off grid solar light solutions and illuminate the ways amazing, everyday folks are navigating their real world lives.

Ecokins by Wild Republic

Wild Republic has been delighting consumers around the globe with an expansive collection of nature-related toys and gifts since 1979. Headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, strives to maximize the positive impact they make on their customers, community and planet. Wild Republic was created to connect their founder’s love for children and wildlife.

Amicus Publishing

Amicus publishes outstanding books for children that educate, engage, inspire, and dig deeper. As an independent publisher. Amicus believes in the hot pursuit of learning—for all kids! They feature board books, picture books, and paperbacks that encourage young children to explore facts, examine ideas, and imagine new ways of understanding the world.


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