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Outdoor Living Made Better With Solar Lights

Outdoor Living Made Better With Solar Lights


Spring is in the air and we're shining a light on our selection of affordable, premium quality, solar powered lanterns to level up your outdoor gear and backyard and garden decor.

Genesis Outdoor Solar Lantern sitting on white picket fence

Genesis Solar Lantern Collection

This exclusive, solar LED lantern series is designed to be both rugged and stylish. With built in magnets that make hanging on magnetic surfaces super easy, Genesis amps up its versatility as outdoor solar lighting. Portable. Cordless. Solar Powered. No batteries required. This collection is available in 3 patterns, 2 sizes, bright or warm LED light and is easily one of the best solar lanterns available.


Soji Solar Lantern Collection

The popular Soji Solar Lantern has been charming patios and backyards for over a decade. Every light in this featured collection is an inspired, decorative, solar powered lantern that will bring ambience and magic to your outdoor decor. From hanging globe lights to solar string lights, these outdoor solar lanterns are sure to create the perfect mood.



I've been a big fan of solar lanterns since I started using them several years ago. These new Genesis lights are much better made and seem to have a superior workmanship. Bravo!


Solar lights were a huge hit!! We gave them to our kids - one who is outdoorsy, the other who lived through an East Coast hurricane and was without power for 4 days. They now have them for their outdoor adventures and power failures. And a real bonus, they use them everyday! What a fabulous light. They love them!


I ordered 14 solar lanterns as gifts for my family. They loved them so much I need to order 5 more! What a great product and it's now my go to gift item!


Very cool looking lights. I really like the look of the lights and very nicely made. They make my other solar lights look crude!


We've been using these solar lights for the last several years in our disaster relief and humanitarian missions. They are incredible!


Donate a Light

Help us help Third Wave Volunteers in their tireless mission to deliver love and light directly to those in vulnerable situations. The solar lanterns they distribute helps keep families and communities safe when there is no access to light. TWV has delivered thousands of solar lanterns around the world along with vital medical supplies, food and living supplies. Together we can deliver more emergency light in the aftermath of natural disasters and conflicts. 

Donate A Light
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The Solar Light Project

We’re on a journey to inspire the everyday use of solar light and illuminate the wonder and delight all around us.

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