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About Us

We're obsessed with solar light.

When we were first introduced to portable solar lanterns we were smitten. These lights were unique and innovative and they soon found their niche in camping and disaster relief.

But we began to wonder why these lights weren't also being used more broadly. We were big believers in the uniqueness and potential of solar lanterns especially with the increasing appeal and adoption of solar.

So we set out to learn more and found that people loved the idea of using solar lights, but were not likely to bring their current lanterns into their homes and living spaces where style and design definitely mattered more.

Armed with this research, a very experienced team and of course, our unwavering love of the unique benefits of solar lanterns, The Solar Light Project was born.

In a world rich with smart designers and creative small businesses, it did not take long to discover wonderfully designed solar lanterns and lights that more than met the demands of camping and outdoor adventures. AND also fit beautifully in homes and backyard patios.

Today, we are an e-commerce shop, shining a light on a lovingly curated collection of beautiful, high quality, solar light solutions designed for today's modern lifestyle.

Our mission is simple: to inspire the everyday use of solar light. And while doing so, we get to support an outstanding group of small makers and manufacturers. The ideas and inspo showcased by our talented team and community continues to surprise and delight. There's no question in our minds that the possibilities for everyday use are definitely endless.

Welcome to The Solar Light Project!

The Quest for the Best Solar Lantern

This is where it all began. Once we were introduced to the Genesis Solar Lantern Collection, we knew we were in business!


Lantern Decor for your Balcony and Patios

Not how you would think of using portable solar lanterns! But a little creativity goes a long way and brings solar light easily into your outdoor living spaces.


Already a Hero in Disaster Relief

Over a decade of proven effectiveness in disaster relief, Solar Lanterns continue to be an indispensable source of reliable, portable light in the aftermath or natural disasters.