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Do good and feel good about your fundraising campaign

If you’re looking for a unique, easy-to-promote product for your fundraiser, The Solar Light Project is here to help. Our collection of premium Genesis Solar Lanterns are a high value, eco-friendly fundraising item that your supporters will not only find fun and interesting, but also thoughtful and useful in their daily lives. In the ever challenging world of raising funds for your worthy projects and causes, these stunning portable solar lanterns are sure to get your supporters attention. Connect with us today to find out how we can partner and help you reach your fundraising goals.

How it works

Online Fundraisers

It’s easy. We know you’ve got way too much on your plate already!

Step 1

Connect with us to set up your Program Link. Helping set up fundraisers for so many amazing causes is one of our favorite activities.  So you’re bound to meet someone with huge enthusiasm for your program.

Step 2

Promote your fundraiser and share your link through your promotional material, email list, on your website or any social media platform. We assist with marketing material and we'd love to provide advice and guidance. We want you to be successful and we’re happy to use our experience to help. 

Step 3

Every time your supporters place an order with your fundraiser code, your organization earns 10% before taxes. Average order value is typically around $86. Please contact us for further details. 

Product Sales

If you're interested in selecting a specific product as the focus of your fundraiser, this can be easily arranged with a dedicated online order form. Organizations also have the option of collecting orders directly and then processing them with us.

Events & Gift Cards

Many schools and community organizations fundraise through events and the sale of gift cards. Please contact us for details on how we can support you for these types of fundraisers. 

Get Ready for Success!

Achieve your goals by selecting an eco-friendly and high-value item to raise funds. You'll feel good knowing your supporters are getting something useful.

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Every order plants a tree. In addition to promoting eco-friendly solar lights, a tree will be planted for every order in your organization’s name. 

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Teamwork makes the dream work! Experienced and passionate marketing team is here to support your teachers and organizers.

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