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April 2, 2023

5 Creative Patio and Balcony Lighting Ideas Using Solar Lanterns

A new way to light up your outdoor living space

If you think of solar lanterns as a camping light you are not alone. Most people who've come across these collapsible solar lights would likely have used them for their camping and back-packing adventures. It’s also likely that these solar lights would have been relegated to the storage bin for “next time” or when not in use.

So when thinking about patio lighting ideas or any outdoor living space lighting, collapsible solar lanterns were likely not something you would think to add to your decor. Their “made for outdoor adventure” design didn't necessarily suit your desired home decor aesthetic and we would have reluctantly agreed. Until we were introduced to Genesis Solar Lanterns.

The brains behind Genesis managed to design a modern solar light that could stylishly fit into everyday, outdoor living while still delivering all the wonderful benefits of the collapsible and water resistant solar powered lantern that defines this niche. Now, in addition to the outdoor “gear” tag we place on these lanterns, we can now legitimately add “decor” to the list.

Of course the proof is in the pudding so to speak. Here are 5 creative ways Genesis Solar Lanterns can add beautiful light to your outdoor living space.

1. As a table and accent lamp

Every outdoor living space needs their version of accent and table lamps to provide light when it gets dark (obviously) but in a way that adds style and lovely ambiance to your decor. The Genesis’ modern cube shape lends itself beautifully to any decor style. They are especially interesting when styled with a unique coaster or trivet like the one shown here. 

2. Instead of pillar candles for lanterns or candle holders

This may be an unpopular opinion because who doesn’t love the flicker of candles? So to be clear, we aren’t advocating you replace ALL your candles. We’re suggesting that solar lanterns are a great alternative for your lantern holders, are more economical over the long run and don’t require dealing with melted wax. They look amazing as you can see in these two examples and they relieve some of the stress associated with having a bunch of candles lit and needing to be sure they are burning safely.

Coastal Vibes

Coastal vibe utilizing white IKEA lanterns stylishly accommodating both the mini and regular Genesis Solar Cubes.

Boho Inspired

Boho inspired macrame style candle holders in two sizes easily accommodate the mini Genesis Solar Cube Light.

3. For adding light here and there

The portable and cordless nature of these solar lanterns enables them to be moved and placed in any area that needs that little bit of extra light whether it be for reading, hanging out with your friends, making sure everyone can locate their drink (!).

The effect of scattering them around your patio or balcony is kind of cool and if someone needs to head to the kitchen or the loo, it makes a great little flashlight to carry if you’re conscious of the battery light on your phone!

4. As an LED light bulb

Ok, this one may be the most surprising use yet. But one worth making a case for especially when access to outlets is a challenge. Genesis Solar Lanterns have 10 LEDS and are powered by the sun. That’s a different way to think about getting more LED lighting into your home and outdoor living space.

5. For vertical wall styling

If you’re one of the lucky ones with the opportunity to utilize your outdoor walls on your patio or balcony, then some creative rack art styling, that is also well lit, is going to be a show stopper for sure. Genesis is equipped with button magnets that allow them to easily hang on magnetic surfaces such as these wire racks from.

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