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October 2, 2022

The Best Solar Lantern

Introducing the Genesis Solar Light Collection

If you’re familiar with solar lanterns (or obsessed like we are), and looking for the best solar lantern out there, we think you’ll agree the new Genesis Solar Light Collection stands apart. Their aesthetically pleasing design, outdoor-indoor versatility and wide range of uses makes these portable cubes of light an essential part of today’s modern lifestyle. Even more exciting is how the Genesis Collection eliminated many of the issues we had with traditional, inflatable lanterns (eg. having to inflate), while still capturing all the benefits of collapsible solar lights.

The Quest for a Better Solar Lantern

We were fans of inflatable solar lanterns at first but soon found the constant inflating like a beach ball or pulling and tugging to open a bit of a bother. We grew weary of the sagging, deflating and lack of sturdiness and stability especially when there was a breeze and the lights rolled away. They soon ended up packed away at the bottom of the gear bin feeling more like a novelty item.

We also wondered why these portable solar lanterns were not utilized more broadly. Despite our issues, we really believed these lanterns were a good idea as evidenced by how they seemed to resonate in the camping and outdoor adventure world. So we set out to learn more and discovered that people loved the idea of using solar lanterns more broadly, but were not likely to bring their current lights into their homes and outdoorliving spaces where style and design mattered more.

That was until we discovered the Genesis Solar Light Collection. With a clear goal of expanding the usage of portable solar lanterns, these solar lanterns were designed to be both rugged and stylish. Not only did they perform exceptionally well in their traditional camping and disaster relief settings, their modern design and stylish aesthetic could easily be added to backyard patios, balconies and gardens. They were able to create beautiful lighting in outdoor living spaces as well as offer up surprising utility indoors.

Versatile and affordable, we found Genesis Solar Lanterns to be a practical and pleasing way to add portable solar light to any setting.

What makes Genesis the best solar lantern?

It comes down to all the functional benefits resulting from the simple and unique flip open, fold close product design. After extensive field testing and usage in everyday indoor and outdoor settings, the benefits of the flip open, fold close design were numerous.

Benefit #1: Eliminates inflating like a beach ball or pulling and tugging into shape. Just flip open and fold close!

The unique flip open, fold close product design easily creates a modern, appealing cube. The ability to quickly set up Genesis lights without having to blow up or pull open and tug into shape, is a notable product difference and immediately highlights the elevated quality and workmanship.

Four structured panels maintain the Genesis cube’s geometric shape so there’s no sagging or deflating. Lightweight and sturdy, these lanterns won’t easily fly or roll away in a breeze. Genesis Solar Lights also fold neatly into a flat, easy to pack, perfect square, measuring just 1/2” high. They have all the hallmarks of a sleek, neat, compact design that brings you joy if you delight in tactile objects. We think Marie Kondo would approve!

Benefit #2: Provides a whole new way of hanging with button magnets.

Quickly becoming one of the most favorite features, the built-in button magnets open up a host of new ways to utilize solar powered lanterns. Not only do the button magnets secure the Genesis Solar Lights into their cube form, but they are super easy to hang on anything metal! You can add wall or vertical solar light by simply letting the magnets do the work, sticking to any metal, iron, steel surface.

The magnets can be especially useful for hard to light areas such as a dark laundry or utility room, entrance ways, outdoor iron fences and gates. Genesis Solar Lanterns are also easily hung via their magnets in RVs, car and camper-vans. We were amazed at how many more options the button magnets provided indoors and out. 

Benefit #3: Offers multiple light directions and versatility.

Reading light. Room light. Ambient light. Flashlight. The unique open bottom design of the Genesis Solar Lantern Collection spreads light in multiple directions, offering even more versatility and utility.

Four light directions provide better light delivery depending on the task. Sitting atop a surface or tabletop, these lanterns create a more spherical, ambient light effect. Meanwhile, Genesis Solar Lights when hung overhead or vertically spreads light across a greater area and is helpful when lighting a room. Turned upside down, the light beams spread upwards to create an uplight effect. This is especially useful when using Genesis lights to replace candles in hurricane lanterns or displays. And finally, pointed in a specific direction, Genesis Solar Lanterns create directional lighting similar to a flashlight.

We admit, we weren’t expecting an open bottom design, but it certainly took no time to appreciate the many additional facets of lighting it offers. And, it’s waterproof at IP67.

Benefit #4: Handles uneven surfaces really well.

In addition to the multiple light directions that the open bottom design offers, it is worth noting another quiet, but super valuable benefit. These lights handle uneven surfaces very well, nestling into grooves and crevices, and sitting on surfaces that are uneven. The sturdy structure of the Genesis series ensures they are less likely to wobble or roll away. For those of us who do use these lights camping and hiking,we're really happy we're not chasing after lanterns.

Benefit #5: Available in multiple finishes and sizes.

As one might expect for a collection aiming to broaden its appeal to an everyday lifestyle, the Genesis Solar Light series comes in two sizes, including a very popular mini size. There are 3 finishes to choose from and two LED colors, bright and warm white. The quality and finish of the Genesis Solar Lanterns is also an obvious improvement overall. These solar lanterns clearly makes its case as an affordable light solution for inclusion in everyday decor.

The Best Solar Lantern

As the new kid on the block, Genesis Solar Lights capture the wonderful benefits of collapsible solar lights and adds modern style to it. Along the way, the product design team succeeded in eliminating many of the issues that come with traditional inflatable solar lanterns.

The result for us is a fun, elegant and very useful solar powered light that won’t stay packed away with our camping gear. Their versatility and multi-uses has us debating whether to call Genesis a light, a lantern, a lamp? But one thing is certain, they are as stylish and useful indoors as they are practical and rugged for the outdoors. With all of the extra duty you can assign to these lanterns and an affordable price, these multi-purpose Genesis Solar Lights are great value you can feel good about.

After all, who doesn’t appreciate the power of the sun?

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