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Donate A Solar Light X Third Wave Volunteers


Our Donate A Light Program helps Third Wave Volunteers arrive with solar lights on every mission. In addition to medical and non-medical supplies, Genesis Solar Lanterns have become a hallmark of Third Wave's service to their communities. They are practical as a source of much needed light when electricity is scarce or non existent. And they are powerful in their ability to bring joy and smiles to everyone in fragile situations. 

    How It Works

    Every GIFT LIGHT purchase is sent directly to Third Wave Volunteers. The Volunteers typically pack the solar lights in their luggage in order to ensure they don't get lost in transit or get stuck in a warehouse or loading dock somewhere making it impossible to access. Once on the ground, Third Wave heads to where the people are, often small villages or neighbourhoods that have not yet been secured or where help has not already arrived. Working with local groups and communities, you can be assured these lights are put into action immediately and are in the hands of those who need them most. 

    Hurricanes Fiona and Ian

    In a world of increased natural disasters, everyone needs to be prepared. With more than two decades of experience in disaster relief, Third Wave has seen the power of volunteers coming together to help a community rebuild. With yet another record breaking hurricane season being predicted, Third Wave strives to be prepared. Solar Lanterns are essential in the days immediately after the devastation but well into the recovery period which can take months before electricity is restored.




    Five missions to Ukraine as of mid June. With each mission they carry supplies, including medical and non-medical supplies and solar lanterns distributing them directly to the communities. Third Wave Volunteers has provided weeks of on-the-ground training of civilian soldiers in triage and first aid. Ongoing assistance to families, children and the elderly fleeing to safety and recovering from shelling and bombings. Assistance in re-building homes, centres and orphanages. More than 1100 Genesis Solar Lanterns personally distributed with love, generating light and giant smiles. 


    A Gift of Love and Kindness

    "For over a decade, Solar Lanterns have been part of our missions. With each lantern, we watch a face light up in the midst of darkness and tragedy. That moment of joy, the elation of having light and in some cases, one of the only personal possessions they might have left, is one of the ways we hope to share love and kindness. We try to never leave home without them."

    Alison Thompson - Founder

    Third Wave Volunteers

    Founded on September 11, 2001, Third Wave Volunteers is a humanitarian and disaster relief 501 C3 non-profit that operates at the intersection of love, kindness and action. They mobilize on-the-ground medical and non-medical responders to communities affected by disasters and conflict.


    Make a difference from home

    Third Wave relies on fundraising and grants to support their missions. With these funds, they purchase Genesis Solar Lanterns. It is our hope the Gift Light program will be able to provide lights for every mission freeing up their budgets to do even more. In a world where natural disasters and conflicts are ever increasing, we can help Third Wave Volunteers continue to bring a little light to those in fragile situations.



    We're using the lights for medical aid administering IVs. It's been an exhausting day up in the mountains. We're the first aid unit that's arrived here. Also I sent an image. Kids still smile when they get their lights.

    Text from Alison - 9/25

    "Just back from Ukraine. Still so much need. We took food aid out to the front lines in recaptured cities the Russians had occupied only days before - the elderly were very scared and  traumatized from their villages being bombed 24/7 for 4 months - they cry in our arms as we give them LOVE and food. We’re all exhausted but will be making our 6th trip back soon. Also hurricane season is about to descend upon us and we need to prepare for that."

    Text from Alison - 6/17

    "As you know the Ukraine soldiers are really just civilians who've been given a uniform and a gun. They are fisherman and farmers and IT specialists and lawyers and they’ve had no training. So we’ve been training them in combat medics of how to save lives but they’re out in the dark with no electricity and they using these big artillery machines and they asked for more solar lights which I’m taking this next trip so they can actually see how to use the artillery...."

    Text from Alison - 05/19

    "Yes. We're in Odessa Ukraine There’s 10 kids in this family. They escaped the Russians in Mariupol. They’re staying in our apartments in Odessa and today they’re actually safely on their way to Germany."

    Text from Alison - 05/20

    "Tomorrow the rest of your lights go out to the very front lines for the men in the trenches who don’t have electricity."

    Text from Alison - 4/22

    "We had donated these to Peru and they gave them out last night- I’m still working in Ukraine war -more soon."

    Text from Alison - 4/19