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Third Wave Volunteers

Third Wave Volunteers

Love and kindness in action.

Third Wave Volunteers is a disaster relief & humanitarian 501 C3 non-profit that operates at the intersection of love, kindness and action. They mobilize on-the-ground medical and non-medical responders to communities affected by disasters and conflict. Third Wave continues to astonish us with their incredible impact beyond aid and supplies. In the most fragile of human situations, they bring love, light and hope.


Six missions to Ukraine to date. Weeks of intensive on-the-ground training of civilian soldiers in triage and first aid. Ongoing assistance to families and children fleeing to safety. More than 1100 Genesis Solar Lanterns personally distributed, generating light and giant smiles.

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Disaster Relief

In a world of increased natural and man-made disasters, everyone is needed. With more than two decades of experience in disaster relief, Third Wave has seen the power of volunteers coming together to help a community rebuild.

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Women in White

Not content to remain idle when so many front line workers needed help, Third Wave raised the funds to safely deliver 1.5 Million PPE and Masks.

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Meet Alison

Dr. Alison Thompson founded Third Wave Volunteers on September 11, 2001 where she worked tirelessly for 9 months. Today, Third Wave Volunteers has grown to over 30,000 volunteers globally. As a full-time humanitarian, Alison is a champion of citizen volunteering with one key message: volunteerism is the drive and the determination in your heart. No experience required. Everyone is needed.

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Proud to support

Our Donate A Light Program helps Third Wave Volunteers show up on every mission with love and light. For over a decade, portable solar lanterns have become a trademark of Third Wave's service to communities. Practical and personal, light illuminates hope in the darkness. And brings joy and smiles to everyone.

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